Hosehead X4BL Quad Element Controller for 1BBL Brewery


Hosehead X4BL Quad Element Controller for 1BBL Brewery

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Hosehead X4BL is a dual box link design that features a 50A power input cord and dual outputs up to 5750W on each unit.

Hosehead X4BL can run all 4 elements at the same time (requires 100A service split into two 50A nema 14-50 outlets) or you can run 2 elements at a time on 50A service from the same box. The main and secondary box are linked with a standard cat5 network cable. Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Computer with 1.4GHZ Quad Core CPU, 16GB Micro SD Card, 3 - DS18b20 Digital Temperature Sensors, 5 way rock star adapter. 120V Power input cord (to power the computer and pumps) 10' Cat 5 box link cable. Each box has one built in 6' 50A power input cord with Nema 14-50 Plug and dual Nema L6-30 plugs for output to elements. The L6-30 connectors makes Hosehead Plug and play compatible with the popular 240V Blichmann Boil Coils that use the L6-30P connector and makes it even easier to connect your own wires and coils.

We also sell L6-30P Cable Connectors Not Included sold separately (click here to purchase) for those not running Boil Coils and need to make their own cables. And 10/3 SJOOW Power cable by the foot. (click here to purchase) Shipping is $36.95 by USPS Priority Mail large Flat Rate Box to the USA and will ship in 2 seperate boxes. Contact me at hosehead@brewtronix.com for Canada, Mexico or worldwide shipping options. Hosehead X4BL has a universal internal power supply that is compatible with 100-240V worldwide voltage. For international orders we include 2 extra USA style power cords that can be used to make adapters for your brewery pumps to plug into the front of the unit. you will need to provide the proper ends to wire on the cords to match your plug style to adapt them. (Front input voltage needs to match your pump voltage) 

*** CURRENT LEAD TIME IS 12 DAYS TO BUILD AND SHIP, Each unit takes about 12 hours to build from scratch, configure, test and box ***

Additional product details, videos and information for hosehead can be found on the brewtronix.com home page.

Hosehead is covered by a 1 year no questions asked parts and labor warranty. Buyer is responsible for shipping in for repairs.

(disclaimer) Hosehead and Brewtronix.com are not at any way shape or form affiliated with Blichmann Engineering, Or Blichmann Boil coils, they make awesome products and I am proud to offer a product that is compatible with a product that they offer.

Here are a couple of links for thermowells and adapters that work well with the included DS18B20 Sensors that Hosehead uses, thermowells make it super easy for cleanup without having to unhook the sensors from your kettles as they just slide in and out:


Brewhardware.com also sells some great connectors that also work well with our sensors found here:





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