With the recent release of the Raspberry Pi 4, we are currently closed until fall as we look to redesign our product line

and spend some much needed vacation time with family. All current products are discontinued. I will be updating the website over the next few weeks with schematics of previous models and how to guides to keep your legacy products brewing beer.

It's been a fun last few years helping out the homebrew community. Please bear with us as we look to the future.











So, What's a Hosehead?

     Hosehead was the name of the dog that saves the day in the cult classic movie Strange Brew, This HOSEHEAD is a Raspberry Pi based electric brewing controller. It is also here to save the day. Until now, there were no commercially available pre assembled controllers to run open source brewing software like Strangebrew Elsinore, created by Doug Edey. Doug is constantly improving Strangebrew and it's flat out the best software available for brewing with the Pi (Thank you Doug for all your hard work)

So, What does it do?

It helps you make beer... Duh! Geesh take it easy ya hoser!

     All joking aside, Hosehead, with the help of Strangebrew Elsinore and its internal Raspberry Pi computer creates a web server on your home network. This allows you to control your electric brewery from any computer (PC, Mac, Linux etc.) tablet, iPad, Android, or smart phone. To access the controller you simply type in its IP address in a web browser. Any common web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. that supports java will work with no software to install.  And it doesn't have to be any special brewery either, It's universal design can be configured for HERMS, RIMS, eBIAB and the likes. You can start small and it will grow with your setup or go for the gusto with a full out HERMS Brewery. Nice!


But wait there's more!

     Hosehead allows you to control two home brewery pumps (120V Chugger or March style). And use multiple DS18B20 temperature sensors to monitor your brew! You can use the sensors for your Boil Kettle, HLT, Mash Tun, even monitor your Wort Chiller. The temp sensors are automatically recognized on startup and can be assigned to work in conjunction with the heating elements for precise PID temerature control or simply named to monitor the temperature of anything you want. Each sensor gives you temp charting over time by simply clicking on the numbers, another window will pop up and show you a chart of its temp history. Pretty friggin sweet Eh!  The good news is the sensors are cheap so grab a bunch!
Simple Simple Simple.

     Hosehead was made to be simple. It is easy to set up and configure for virtually any electric brewery and is ideal for home breweries from 5 to 20 gallons in size. The goal of this project was to make it easy, we realized not everyone has the time, tools, or desire to build something like this. We took over a year to design it so you can be up and running in as little time as possible, it only takes a few minutes to configure & we walk you through everything!

Small & Affordable!

     Hosehead is small, in the world of brewery controllers... really small... it measures in at about 6 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 3 inches high and weighs in about 6 pounds. By making it small, we save money & make it more affordable for everyone.

How do I get one? CLICK HERE TO ORDER

The full rundown... whats inside:

*NEW MODEL*Raspberry PI 3 1.2GHZ QUAD CORE, 1GB Memory
16GB SD Card with Rasbpian OS installed
HDMI Video Output (can be run headless with no monitor & keyboard from another computer)
QUAD USB Input (can be hooked to a USB Hub for more USB connections)
WIFI and Wired Networking built in.
Multiple DS18B20 Temperature sensor support
Dual Pump Control (120V Chugger or March style pumps) via internal relays.
Seperate 120V power input for low voltage components & pumps (To run the computer independent of the high voltage circuitry)
Internal 12V switching power supply to run internal relays, fans, etc.
Internal 5V power supply to run the Raspberry PI
Main front power switch has built in 10A circuit breaker for overload protection
Dual PID controlled internal solid state relays to run heating elements for precise temperature control.
CNC machined extruded aluminum chassis that acts as a heatsink for SSR Relays
Dual crossflow fans for maximum cooling
Keyed safety switch activates or disables all high voltage inputs and outputs
Front side power switch also kills all power to everything.
Custom internal relay control board to ensure SSR & Pump relays do not come on until activated by software command.
Dual Hubbel L6-30R connectors for output to HLT, Boil kettle, RIMS Tube, etc.
Can be Wired for 120V or 240V input & output.
Supports up to 5750 watt water heater elements @ 240V
Easy to setup & configure... be up & running in minutes.


     Strangebrew was released by Doug Edey as a free and open source program for the world to use & enjoy. Being free it is unsupported by Doug. He is a busy guy and simply does not have the time to support end users. All Strangebrew Elsinore for Hosehead installs will be supported by us at Brewtronix. All Elsinore and Hosehead questions & support requests should be directed to hosehead@brewtronix.com Again please do not bother Doug for any Hosehead issues. Thank you.

What's needed, not included:

Wire from rear plugs to heating elements... this is brewery specific and needs to be customized to your needs.

Water heating elements, kettles, pumps, hoses, etc... all brewery specific to your needs.

HDMI Monitor for inital configuration... can be run without one after setup. (virtually any HDMI TV or monitor will work)

USB Keyboard & Mouse (can be wired or wireless)

240 Volt power outlet and compatible plug if used in 240v element mode (or hard wired to spa type panel)

Ground fault circuit interupt "GFCI"  (Installed into home electrical panel or Spa type highly recomended)

Wired or wireless network router* to make it accesable form other Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone devices.

* Can also be run by itself with no network in stand alone mode with just a monitor, mouse & keyboard, Response time is much better when web interface is accessed from another device.


Video Links:


older videos:

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Click here for Doug's video explaining the Strangebrew Elsinore user interface




My HERMS Brewery (brew porn) Er... how hosehead was born.



     My Name is Corey, I was born & raised in Wisconsin so naturally I have an obsession with beer. Beer is so cheap in Wisconsin I swear it's state subsidized. We make and drink alot of it! I have been touring breweries since I was 12 and have been to nearly every one in WI at least once. I have a unique background and lots of hobbies from building custom motorcycles, building CNC equipment & playing with lasers & plasma cutters. I have owned a sign shop, print shop & computer store for the last 15 years (thank you for calling technical support) up until last year when I sold it all and decided I needed a change... so I started designing stuff for my obsession and love... Making Beer! This is my home brewery. To start out with I used three fifteen gallon stainless kettles and converted them into a Mash Tun, Hot liquor tank & boil kettle. The HLT Has a 50' 1/2" copper coil in it to circulate the wort through when mashing. It uses camlocks & 1/2" stainless shutoff valves throughout. I custom made the brewery cart from steel and topped it with a 1-1/4" thick piece of soapstone. Soapstone makes a great top because it is highly heat resistant and stays cool to the touch outside the kettles footprint. It has 2 "Chugger" stainless brew pumps attatched to a piece of maple. The piece is hinged on the front so the pumps can be flipped forward and drained easily. And of course its run by a Hosehead. On the back of the cart is a 5' long counter flow wort chiller of my own design made from 1/2 & 3/4" tubing. Well I could talk for days about all its other features but for now I gotta German Wheat that's itchin to get brewed! I'll leave you with a few more pics... Later Hosers!



View from the back & my messy hackerspace.... still working on the basement brewery space.


Big Arse counter flow wort chiller. I know someone is gonna ask... the heating elements are housed in converted stainless "powdered sugar" shakers from a kitchen store in the mall... about $5 each... with some custom made end plates and waterproof cord grips. They are sealed with high temp silicone caulk. It's pretty and functional.


Strangebrew Elsinore screen shot



HLT Needs a good cleaning...


All Hosed up!



 And if you were wondering what that was in the background... its the Official HoseMobeel.... if you see me honk & wave!


Hosehead TM, Brewtronix.com TM